June 21, 2010

The Crow

I once got a bird stuck in my flip flop.

I was walking to the library after dinner in my usual outfit:

As I neared the entrance, I sensed that something was wedged beneath my foot. Thinking it was probably just a large wood chip or a pine cone, I shook my foot to loosen the debris and kept walking. A few steps later, I was irritated that it was still there. I shook my foot again, but the item was still stuck.

That's when I looked down and saw a big dead black crow wedged under my foot, it's beak poking out sharply from between my toes.

I immediately emitted a noise that sounded something like "Ngggghhhhuuuuggghhh" and began violenty shaking my foot in the air. The stiff bird just kept flapping up and down.

Finally, I shook it loose. Rigor mortis had set in, so when the bird hit the pavement, it rolled across the courtyard in front of the library entrance. There was no dignity in its death.

In disgust and shame, I looked around to see who had spotted me basically playing hackey sac with a crow carcass. Amazingly, it was business as usual. I had gotten an actual bird stuck in my flip flop and no one had seemed to notice.

I was relieved and disappointed. I washed my foot off in the bathroom sink.

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Anna said...

I could not stop laughing. I like "endearing cowlick" especially.