July 23, 2010

From B to A

Though I may not be good at sports, I have always loved them. Kinda. Well, I've always really enjoyed them at times.

The first goal I ever scored in a soccer game was an accident. I didn't even know I had scored. My usual tactic was to begin kicking wildly when the ball came by until it was no longer near me. Then I would look up and pray that it had gone in a somewhat appropriate direction. In this particular instance, I kicked, looked up, and then someone got in my way. I figured another player had intercepted it and play had continued. But then everyone started lining up at the center of the field. Someone even gave me a high five.

In middle school, our soccer team was divided into the A Team (the good players) and the B Team (the decent to terrible players). My friend and I were on the A Team! Just kidding, we were on the B Team. But that was soon to change.

Jack was voted best hair in our senior yearbook.

Our chance came just after winter break. During our time off from school, our coach decided to hold a practice but hardly anyone showed up because school was not in session. The coach was mad and said that as punishment to the A Team, he was going to start Jack and me in the next game. It was insulting, but we didn't complain. We took our A Team jerseys and reported to the bus pick-up before the next game.

This is when I noticed a very important detail. When we got there, the coach seemed to have forgotten that we didn't belong. He didn't do a very good job keeping track of his players, so I think he just figured we belonged for real. He played me the whole game!

After the game, he never asked for our jerseys back, so we kept 'em. When it came time to report to the bus for the next A-Team game, I again turned to Jack.

We sat on the bus in our uniforms, reassuring the other suspicious A Team players that we were supposed to be there. That's when one of the star players arrived and tried to get on the bus, but it was full. Jack and I got real nervous.

The coach actually denied this player entrance on the bus because it was full. We made it!

We continued playing in all the A games, as well as the B games. We had successfully snuck onto the better team despite our lack of talent. At the end of the season, you'll never guess that happened.

And that's how I got my only award ever in sports. Through deceit.

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annie's mom said...

I seriously love this story, Jordie. When I injured my foot this summer, my dad kindly reminded me that when I played soccer in defense, I was known as "The Boot." Good to know I was semi-coordinated once in my life.