July 29, 2010

Step Up 3D

Spoiler Alert if you have not yet seen Step Up 3D (which you haven't by the date of this post because I went to a sneak premiere, sucka!)

I love the fact that I have included a spoiler alert for a Step Up movie, as if plot matters. What am I going to give away, that they did this?:

Allow me to set the scene for this premiere. I have a friend who is real scrappy, and she scored us some free passes. A group of us walked into the theater, only to be accosted by loud crunk music and free t-shirts that said BFABB. We weren't sure what that meant. It turned out to mean "Born From A Boom Box," which we discovered was a deep and emotional concept in the movie for dancers. Yo.

We found our seats, then heard some important announcements from the Box, 97.9 FM guy:

Then came the live dancers. First up was a guy who was in the top 25 of "So You Think You Can Dance," meaning no one had any clue who he was. He got up and gyrated while some assistant held up a small boom box/cd player toward the crowd. We cheered, especially when we figured out we were sitting RIGHT NEXT TO HIS MOM!

Then came the dance troupe. I have to say that they were very good. They invited audience members to come to the front and learn a small routine that they clearly hadn't planned out beforehand. Some of my friends went up. They did well, but they were chumpified by a fly little 7-year-old B Girl who was mad twisted, which I think is the hip-hop-dancer-lingo way to say that she was one talented little girl who showed them up.

One of the dancers ended up stepping on her, which was a highlight of the night.

One grueling but entertaining hour later, the movie started. They weren't stingey with themes or plot lines, which included love and betrayal, dance versus education, an exploration of the blurry lines between friendship and love, following your dreams to film school, family loyalty, a home and legacy at stake, loss of loved ones, sick dance battles, and a few other ideas. All in 3D.

The best part about the movie was that a woman next to us was actually crying throughout the entire movie. Let me say that again: A human being was crying during the emotional parts of Step Up 3D.

Several plot resoultions and one strange Slurpee scene later, the movie ended and we left. This is how we felt:

It was a magical night.


Samantha Keefe said...

I am SO glad to have been cartoonized (and even chumpified). I love that I'm a redhead in MS Paint!

David said...

Great story! Lil' Wikipedia would be so proud!

Anna Marie said...

You really did justice to an incredible night. I especially loved the plot description!

Glynnis said...

Love it! Spoilers be damned - this post only makes me MORE excited to see Step Up 3D!

Andy said...

I'm exhausted after exploring the plots vicariously through your post. Rich and compelling....